Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tutor and washing machine

So, I got a tutor for Hebrew, which I desprately need since I started late, and it's FREE!!! The registration for the ULPAN pays for it, which is awesome! =) So maybe I really will get to catch up!

I got a WASHING machine!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled! I remember trudging up the (f'n) hill in Istanbul carrying my laundry! And now, even though there aren't hills here, I can do laundry in the peace of my own home! Although, I don't have a drying rack yet, so there is laundry neatly draped all over my apartment! Pictures will come soon!

Today, after class, I waited for the washer to arrive, did some laundry and then went to play basketball with some new friends. After sweating out all hydration in my body, I jumped in the pool! It was beyond refreshing. I rode my bike to get fill the tires with air, which is free in Israel! There is a problem with my bike though, the seat is too low and my knees are almost hitting my chest, so I am going to find a bike shop and get it tuned up! It's worth the investment for the whole year, this town is not big, so a bike is very useful, as long as it works well!

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Unknown said...

We miss you GP AL & GM Rina.
Did you get your bike fixed?