Monday, August 31, 2009

First mail and other great things!

My sister sent me my first letter in Israel and it arrived today! She said she mailed it about a week ago, so if you mail it today...I can have more mail by the 8th of September! ;-)

My address is:
Ginsburg- Ingerman Overseas Student Program
Ben Gurion Univesity of the Negev - P.O. 653
Beer Sheva, 84105, Israel

It is great getting mail, it's a little bit of home right in my hands! Of course I hung it on my wall of people and things I love!!

Also, today I met with Dr.Rubin who is in charge of my MAPMES department, and get this, his speciality is OTTOMAN history!!!!!!!!! And he speaks Turkish! It's the perfect place! He is really nice and of course we talked about Istanbul!! He spent a great deal of time in Gulhane at the archives near Topkapi. He writes about Ottoman legal codes.

I am starting to think about my thesis and maybe a PhD if I don't get into school in England. But those are big decisions for another day.

ULPAN today was great! We were suppose to have a quiz, so I studied sooooooo hard! But then we didn't have it and I was disappointed because I knew everything! But then during class, I understood everything because I had studied so much! It was a really satisfying class and I am very motivated now to keep studying!!!!!! Hebrew will come quickly! Insallah!

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