Monday, August 24, 2009

2 great days!

So I made a friend, which has probably helped these past two days. Day one was so effiecent, I couldn't believe things got done so easily. I picked up my phone and ID, talked to the MAPMES office (Masters Program of Middle East Studies) and introduced myself. I can pick up my loan money tomorrow from another office, etc. For some reaon, that was not complicated like so many things when someone is abroad.

Today I went to the ULPAN (Hebrew language course) and discovered that yes, they actually are very far ahead of me. They are already three weeks into the course. But I also traveled to Jerusalem today and after talking to my new friend, who is pretty good, I can learn a great deal by myself. Even just today, I have picked up so many things. I can ask "Where is the bathroom?" Always a top priority for me!! So I guess I will take the ULPAN in the winter and start teaching/tutoring English as quickly as possible. Israel is much more expensive than Turkey and what I was expecting. Although, moving anywhere costs more than one thinks it will. Getting settled is not cheap.

My friend, Loren, became an Israeli citizen, so he had to go to Jerusalem to pick up his new ID. So I quickly invited myself along. I want to learn the train and bus system as quickly as possible! Getting his ID did not take long at all. We figured we would have to wait for a while, but they proved to be incorrect, so afterwards we toured some markets (that are extrodinarly like Istanbul, and made me a little homesick for my other city) and visited his friends in Jerusalem. The couple were American, the husband from NY and the wife was from Detroit! Small world. =) They had two adorable kids, one almost 3 and the other just over one. It was nice to relax with some real people.

So tomorrow is more errands and settling in!

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