Saturday, August 22, 2009

Classes I want to take:


-Milestones in the Zionist-Arab Conflict 1881-1949

-Introduction to Islamic Civilization

-Economy, State and Society in the Middle East

-The 1979 Iranian Revolution: A Thirty-Year Perspective


-Selected Topics in the Geography of the Middle East

-Ottoman State and Society: Themes in History and Historiography

-Confluence of Cultures in Andalusia: Study Tour - Spain:

The course will deal with the history of the Muslims in Spain and their relations with the Christians and Jews. We will visit the mosque of Cordova and Medinat al-Zahra, which is close by, sites in Sevilia, Ronda and Alhambra. The course will include a series of lectures that will deal with political, social and intellectual history of the Muslims and their Christian and Jewish neighbors. It will also touch upon, to a limited extent, the fate of Muslims in modern Spain and Europe.

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Casey said...

I've gone to Cordoba and Grenada in Spain this summer and saw the Alhambra and the mosques you're talking about. Beautiful places!