Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sorry, no pictures yet!

So I made it safely to Israel around 3pm yesterday! It was a hassle and expensive trip, after paying for extra luggage and a taxi to the apartment, but so what? I had to get here. =) The apartment is nice. I really want to deep clean, of course. But once that is over, it'll be perfect. It's close to campus, and the pool (which is free for students!) We went today, since it is Shabbat and everythinggggg is closed. It'll be weird getting use to that, but it's okay, just part of the experience. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my phone and ID from the Overseas Student Program office and I should be set for a while.

The ringtones here are exactly the same as Istanbul so I have been having flashbacks to my first days there too. Actually, many things have been reminding me of my arrival. Hopefully it'll continue and be just as rewarding.

I'll try to take my camera with tomorrow so you can see the place!!!

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