Wednesday, December 06, 2006

19 days...

My dad are leaving for London on Christmas day! Then going to Normandy on the 27th, followed by Paris, Brussels, and Waterloo. By January 2nd, we'll be in Frankfurt to meet the rest of the student teachers. We're going to Spain for a weekend in early February, and Dublin for St. Patrick's Day. Spring break will cover Italy and the open weekends will include Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and Auschwitz.

Before that, I have two papers and three finals. Not too bad, but a big hurdle nonetheless!! (And of course, a LOT of packing!)

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Ray said...

think of me when you're in London!

Also, good luck on finals and packing!

I remember how stressful that was when I went to DC for the spring semester 2 years ago, I had so much to do on top of packing up ALL of my stuff to move home!

It'll be worth it :)

Love you.