Thursday, December 28, 2006

London and Normandy!

Freezin' my tush off on Omaha Beach!

Leaving home was quite emotional, I assumed it would be and it deserves to be. I don't like to cry, but the people I'm leaving deserve more than just tears, they mean the world to be and it'll be difficult to be with out them for the next few months.

Dad and I ran all over London. It was somewhat ridiculous really, but we got to see a lot. After the $100 cab ride, we checked into the hotel. It was a tiny room with squeaky beds and a narrow toilet. Facebook has the pictures! The London Eye was much better than I had expected and dad fully appreciated it for his Christmas present! Dad had such an awesome time seeing everything. I think he really wants to go back, but not as much as he wants to go back to Normandy!

Catching trains to Paris and then Caen was quite a hassle! I could not have gotten my suitcase by myself and I'm so grateful Dad was there to help me! We traveled first class on the trains which will probably be my first and last time of doing that, but getting breakfast, tea, and hot towels is all still fun.

Caen is a quint little town, that is presently decorated beautifully for the holidays! No one in France eats until after 7, at least you can't get dinner out until after seven. It's a weird thing to get used to. There are many parts of the trip so far that I wish other people could be with me, but today, there is no one I would rather share Normandy with than my dad! The day was freezing, absolutely cold and foggy. Despite the weather, it was a terrific learning experience. I was very moved and it's extraordinary to see the cliffs that they had to scale. Omaha lost 3,000 men, while 6,000 were lost on D-day. Half of the casualties were there and all American. It's a difficult place to describe because walking through a cemetery is never a joyful experience, maybe grateful is a good word for it.

I bought a cord for mom's camera to upload the pictures because my camera is pretty dead, we'll see if the PX has a cheap one! Tomorrow we're going back to Paris and then to Brussels the day after.

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Ray said...

Omaha Beach is always cold and foggy in the winter.

At least it was when I was there in January of 05'.

Seems like you're having quite the adventure, drink a beer for me in Brussels!