Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Freaking out. A little.

Alright, I'm excited, but I'm getting a little worried. I can't wait to go and be in Europe, but packing is a huge job and I'm going to miss my family. Yet, I'll make a new family in Germany, I know, but it won't be quite the same. It's going to be the time of my least until I get to Istanbul!

We're doing Christmas Eve at Rick's and Christmas Day at home, then we'll be on our way to London!!!!!

I went to Nashville for an orietation about Istanbul and I got to meet a lot of the other scholars. They're really going to some incredible places like Chile, Hungary, Moscow, Singapore, Ireland, France, etc. I'm not jealous but I get to go to my own place, but it's still awesome to think about all the experiences that people will have!

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Ray said...

I wanttttttttt postcards from everywhere.

Happy Holidays! and safe journeys!