Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve at Rick and Katie's!

Christmas Eve was so much fun. Everyone was up at Rick's little apartment, but it didn't seen that crowded! Jackie, Tom, Alex, Cindy, Grandpa, Jack, and Anita were all there from Rick's family and my grandma, aunt and uncle were there too! It was just a little stressful during gift opening time, but very fun overall! I even cried when Rick got my this little device that will allow my to talk to my parents over the internet! It was a great gift.

Katie's nephew, Alex!! Adorable.......

Off to Europe in 7 hours!! Ah!

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Jamee Pritchard said...

Oh shoot Andrea!! I'm so nervous right now--I feel like I'm fying to europe. I know you'll have fun--it's such an experience to live outside the country for three or so months; don't be afraid to get a little wild. When is the next time you'll have an experience like this except for grad school. Again I say have fun and be safe!! I miss you chiquita ;-( Have a tequlia sunrise and kiss a boy for me. Talk you soon.