Sunday, September 04, 2011

Israel's million man march

This is a short clip from the protest, and this was very early in the night just after 9pm in Jerusalem on King George Street. The loud speaker from the car is actually saying, "The people want a just society."

"העם דורש צדק חברת" The people demand social justice, or the people demand a just society. Which ever way you translate the sentence, these Israelis really meant it. Last night, after Shabbat at 9pm, the people of Israel flooded the streets, especially in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv alone there were 300,000 people. If the same ratio of Americans would have marched in the US, it would have been 16 million people. But Israel is smaller. But you get the idea, it was huge! 

Most of the people want better housing prices, social reforms, and of course, Gilad Shalit. The protesters were smart in combining a lot of different groups into one huge rally. One sign said, "They can only read numbers." So maybe 1 million is enough. The government has promised social reform, but we'll see if that happens. 

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Mashriq Matti said...

the guy in that clip has the thickest American accent!