Monday, September 05, 2011

Day two!

I made it through another day!! And today I had three classes, although, I don't know why I wrote my schedule on here, because it seems to change every day.

I thought I was suppose to be in Mishna Bet. (Mishna is one of the two books that makes up the Talmud.) And I went to the class, and I was LOVING it!!! Then, 45 minutes into class, an adviser knocked on the door and pulled me out! I was really upset, only because I was so into the class. We learned about the history of the Mishna that it was codified around 220 CE for Yehuda Hanasi. The Mishna is the first codification of the oral laws. It was important because this is shortly after the destruction of the 2nd temple and the Jews were worried about preserving their way of life in exile. And, of course, they is the growing of Christianity, which is also viewed as a threat to their way of life.  The Gemara, the second book that makes up the Talmud was written between 220-600 CE. There are also two kinds of Gemara, Babylonia and Palestinian, named for the places they were written.

I could go, Mishna means repetition, because before this, the rabbis would learn, and repeat to the masses. Nothing was written down and this is how it was passed from generation to generation. At the time, a rabbi was called Tanya, also meaning, one who repeats.

I also learned that a lot of Hebrew words end in Hey, ה.  and a lot of Aramaic words end in alef, א. So it's a fast way to know where the word came from, or what time it was written.

There are six sections of the Mishna, agriculture, holidays, women, damages (or civil issues), holiness, and impurities.  We were going to study the upcoming holidays until I had to leave class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I won't get to study anymore Talmud until next year!!!!!!!!!!

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