Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Today my program had a trip to the Israel Museum. It is part of a history seminar in which we will be participating. It was much more interesting than I had expected. Mostly because we were looking at rocks, but because my teacher/professor was so knowledgeable, he really made these rocks come to life.  I would have run through this museum and the ancient history, but he did an incredible job of explaining the significance and relation to the Tanakh (Bible). 

When I was at the museum, my friend spotted a famous Israeli (Russian born) politician. Of course, we all my chutzpah, I went and requested a picture together. He really stirs up a lot of controversy in Israel, so it was funny to meet him. 

 There is a really cool "rainbow" in the entrance hall of the museum. So there was a great backdrop for pictures. This is my new friend Avi who is in my program.

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