Sunday, September 04, 2011

First day of class!

I was a little disappointed after I saw Alex's first day of kindergarten picture with the sign that his Aunt Katie had made him. I couldn't understand why she didn't make me a sign that said, "First day of your second Masters degree." But oh well, I survived. And I took my own first day of school picture!!!  (and I'm just teasing. My sister is by far the most thoughtful person I know!)

Today was my first class, just one in the afternoon. I was going to take Creating Holiness, but I changed in into to Halakha. The teacher's name is Zvi and he is SO funny!! I really like it. We went over a lot of texts today about the month of Elul and getting ready for the High Holidays and repentance, before and during, the holidays. It was so fascinating, especially the differences between the Sephardi and Ashkenazi traditions. I can't wait for more classes tomorrow!! 

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Katie said...

Very funny! I will have to look for that version of the sign next time I download some!