Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spain overview!

I had a wonderful time in Spain last week! The trip was a whirlwind, our teacher really wanted us to see everything possible! The hard part was that we were always on the move! We hardly got to relax, unless it was sitting on a bus. There wasn't time to relax at a cafe and have tea, or just to wander the streets of Granada or Malaga. Also, our tour guide was a joke. He really should have been fired through the trip, or never hired in the first place. He did not speak English, he left two people behind in the old city of Toledo, made someone who keeps Shabbat walk back to the hotel alone while everyone else was demanded to get on the bus (because we would have easily walked with him if appropriate time was given.) Anyway, enough complaints, I had a great week with friends and was a large majority of Spain. I am excited to go back one day, especially with my mom because there is so much art that I did not get to see. But in Madrid, we did do a fast run through Del Prado. The Spanish art was beautiful, as is Madrid in general. The best part was getting a stamp in my new extra pages in my passport (because my other pages were all full!!)

Classes started on Monday - it was a bit overwhelming. Because I didn't take winter ulpan, I feel behind again, but the class is very advanced and I am really excited to be thrusted forward into Hebrew! I am also taking Geography of the Middle East - which will focus on minority groups in the region. Ottoman Society with Avi Rubin and Palestinian Society and of course, the dreaded historiography, which I despise. But anyway, I volunteered to do a presentation next Monday in Geography, we have to do one a semester, so I will get mine out of the way.

There are hundreds of pictures on Facebook from Spain, I will try to post a few more here though! Enjoy!

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