Friday, March 26, 2010

Not much...except JACK!

Jack in the hat that I sent him from Spain!! He looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!

I haven't been doing so much lately except googling over my new nephew! He's already quite handsome and I can't wait to get my hands on him, even if it'll be a while!

My friend got really sick, actually she's been sick, but it got very serious two days ago and so I went with her to Tel Aviv to Tel Shomer to make sure she got the best treatment in Israel. She's still in the hospital with stones in her gallbladder! I'm so grateful we went to the hospital when we did because who knows what might have happened otherwise!

Yesterday I tutored Eran some more with his English, he's fun, it's really just talking with bigger words than he already knows! He's doing a great job!

Now I am in Kiryat Malaki for most of the Pesach break. Roi and I are studying a lot and relaxing. His aunt is here from the Ukraine for Pesach.

I hope everyone is doing well!!

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