Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boker tov!

This morning was really funny, I slept late and when I woke up, I immediately went to see if there were new pictures of Jack (like always.) Although there weren't new pictures, Katie had updated her blog! She put all the best pictures from the hospital, the photo shoot and Jack's first week at home. While I was looking at them, Roi's mom came into the room and starting going on about Jack with "mazel tov" and how cute he was and giving me kisses and then Roi's dad and aunt came to see the pictures with more mazel tovs and kisses. It was really funny, I had forgotten that I hadn't seen them for two weeks, so of course they wouldn't have seen pictures of Jack!

Anyway, it was quite the morning!! We ate breakfast and then I started studying Hebrew, which was also interesting because Roi's mom was helping me. She's fluent in Hebrew, but her first language is Russian, so at times there was some confusion. They were yelling around the house to figure out the correct translation. Then his mom would act out the word or try to describe it to me, and sometimes I really had no clue what she was doing. It was hilarious, but actually, I learned a lot this morning. =) I am just trying to speak in Hebrew, but sometimes it's really frustrating, Roi's English is so much better than my Hebrew, but the only way I will ever be fluent is to start speaking all the time.

Now Roi is at a math class and I am studying more Hebrew. Oy. =)

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