Saturday, March 06, 2010

Puppy!!!!!!!!!! and school!

I volunteered to be a "foster parent" for dogs in Beer Sheva. They will give me a dog (and pay for the expenses) until someone adopts the animal. For me, it's perfect, because if I have to go somewhere for a weekend, the dog can go to a different family and obviously I don't officially live here yet, so I can't have a pet. It's really the perfect situation for me!

His name is פטל or Petel, which means Raspberry in Hebrew, (I was not his namer, obviously, because he would be named after a president. Which is funny because Roi started calling him Hussein after Obama!)

Here is a picture of the little guy!! ADORABLE!!


Anonymous said...


I read your "Love from Israel" piece in the ILLIANA NEWS publication. It sounds like you are having a wonderful experience in Israel both educationally and Jewishly. Perhaps you will be able to share some of your experiences with your community back home one day. Thanks for sharing.

Gus Galante
Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana

Rachel said...

Hey Andrea,

Your dog looks adorable.

All the best,