Saturday, October 06, 2007

This week.

As already posted, you know I got my haircut. I still don't have a picture of myself, but getting a haircut was definitely an experience. When I went in, I had my dictionary. I didn't know who was going to cut my hair, but I started with the word "thick" and then "thin," in hopes they would know to thin out my thick hair. I think they got the point. One guy gave me a whole haircut and it was really good except it wasn't short enough in the back. But then this other guy who had a higher rank came over and shortened the back, but also shortened the front much more! I was like eeek. But it's only hair and it's a good haircut, just a little shorter than I was expecting. When I was there, everyone who worked there touched my hair. I don't think it was the thickness, because a lot of Turks have really thick hair, but maybe the texture and the color is different. I'm not sure, but everyone was really friendly and I will go back to this little place, maybe with a translator next time. But no matter what, no one is better than Marylin!

I went to the art exhibit to see my professor's work. It was a really interesting set up. It was this old builing with huge bricked arced ceilings. It was Turkish artist from 1930 through the present. So at the beginning of the massive hall was the 30's, then 40's, 50's etc. Then at the end was her work, with other famous Turkish artist from 2007. The progression was quick interesting. Plus I love ceramics so I was very intrigued. My professor is really awesome though. She's very laid back and right when you have no clue what to do, she's there to explain it in Turkish...and hand movements. I love it. =)

I tried to make chocolate chip cookies last night even though I didn't have vanilla. The batter tasted normal and so did the cookies that didn't burn, but we only have this tiny counter top oven and the cookies baked so unevenly that some were black and others were fine. So I saved the rest of the batter and I'll take it to someone's house who has a real oven and attempt to bake the rest. Turkey is always an adventure. =)

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