Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Great (mail) day!!

Today was great. All around. I made cookies again last night and didn't burn any of them. So today, all my friends got to eat them. I never understood Nelly or my grandma when I was little, but I love baking for people now and watching them eat it! We even gave some to our favorite waiters at our favorite cafe!! They practice their English with me and the other Turkish guys who are fluent. It's so cute.

But even better than that!! I was at home this afternoon and the doorbell rang. Dokan (the 5 year old son of our landlord, who loves me because I give him little things) was standing there holding four pieces of mail for me!! He is adorable. I'll have to take his picture soon. Dad, Katie and Rick, my friend Pat and my friend Ray sent me mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to mail postcards today, but the post office was closed again, for no reason. It's so crazy!! I had to return the books for a class I dropped, but they don't let you return them, only exchange, so I bought a Turkish cookbook, a book with some beautiful pictures of Turkey, and a Turkish novel called The White Castle.

PLUS...I emailed my professor to see how I did on my presentation because I had no idea how was knew our grades. All he wrote was, "You did very well." So I think that's a good thing. =)

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