Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On a brighter note!!

My back is feeling much better. The pain pills the doctor gave me are much stronger than Advil, secondly, I've been eating a lot of beans lately, and more food in general. So I think the combination is really helping. Since there is less pain, it also allows me to stretch, where before I couldn't move at all.

I went to a mall the other day. It was huge and like America. Lots of clean stores, the food court was over priced, people carrying lots of shopping bags; you get the idea. Well, in Turkey, they really only carry up to a size 9 shoe. I'm definitely a 10, plus I have wide feet. So no shoes for me, but I'll try again, they have to be somewhere, there are some big people in this country too.

While at the mall, my friend Haley and I got a scoop of ice cream, two actually, one almond and one chocolate. The manager spoke a little English and helped us a lot. He was very nice. As we were paying he asked us where we are from. Haley is Canadian, but obviously I'm American. As soon as someone finds out you're American, they said "I hate Bush." Every time, it hasn't failed yet. Usually they give me a thumbs down too. In a way it's humorous, like I have the sole power of placing or replacing the president. But it's sad too. Turkey is really effected by American policies and especially the war, since they border Iraq.

The little lady who I pass on my way home from school everyday, who really wants me to know Turkish, is so funny! I say Merhaba (hello) everyday! But yesterday I said Memnun oldem (nice to meet you) and I counted to 10 for her in Turkish. It was hilarious. I felt like a little kid, but she was smiling and very excited that I was learning. I think she wants me to know so much more than I do, but she must be patient!!

I emailed the International Schools in Istanbul to see if they need a volunteer with tutoring or after school activities. I'll have to see if they email me back. It would be nice to have something else to do besides going to class. It's very different from Ball State where I was involved in a million other activities. I feel like I have so much extra time here!! Plus, if I volunteer first, maybe they will give me a job later!!

My mom gave so many people my email address and the address to my blog!! Which means so many people have been emailing me and reading this!! I'm so glad to hear from everyone at home. Thanks for all the love and support.

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