Sunday, February 18, 2007

Praha (or Prague)

Charles Bridge

Maisel Synagogue

Toy Store - Prague is famous for its wooden toys.

This week was great! I got a letter and stickers from Chie and a package from Jamee! (with chocolate.) Also, a letter from Nelly and mom! Thank you =)

We went to Prague this weekend. The sites were beautiful. The Jewish Quarter is very moving. One synagogue has names of the 18,000 Jews from Bohemia and Moravia who were killed by the Nazis. The names fill the entire synagogue. Upstairs there were drawings from children in the Terezin concentration camp. Their teacher, Brandeis, had them draw their emotions and what life was like. The drawings are very touching, one girl even drew Mickey Mouse. The Jewish museums are incredible in Prague because there was a movement in 1939 to have all the confiscated goods to be brought to Prague to house as artifacts. It was finally accepted and after the war, the pieces turned into museums. The ritual artifacts cannot matched.

No school on President's Day...working all done on lessons and LAMP!

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