Monday, February 26, 2007


After a long weekend, I think I may be a little homesick. Mom sent me mandel bread, Amish friendish bread, some of Grandma's chex mix (the best in the world) and chocolate! It really reminds me of home. I'm so grateful to have such a loving family. Gail sent me a great email too. It was unexpected and definitely made my day.

Switzerland was beautiful and the mountains/Alps are overwhelming. (I'll post pictures soon.) But when traveling with 6 other people, nothing is easy. It's also tolling when they're not outwardly appreciative. It takes time to rent the car, I have to leave school to get the car, to get the diesel coupons, to drive (when everyone else can do homework or grade papers), to talk to the other drive to help them stay awake. It really wears me out. It was very fun though, but right when we got home we were cleaning out the van I asked one of the other student teachers to get his things out of the back and he appallingly responded, "Don't tell me what to do homo." I was taken aback on many levels. First, this person is 22, I would think we're past calling people names. Secondly, we just got back from a trip were I took his butt around all weekend without a peep of appreciation. Finally, the entire group knows that I don't like when people say "gay," "homo," or any word that is against a group of people, like "I got Jewed." So he deliberately picked a word that would make me mad.

I want to ignore him and be the better person, I have not spoken with him since the incident, but it's really upsetting and now I'm overwhelmed with papers that need to be graded, lessons that need to be written, and chapters that need to be read.

This too shall pass...

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