Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lucerne and Zurich, Switzerland!


Monet - three waterlillies - all by myself. Not like in Chicago when there are people everywhere!!
This puzzle is AWESOME!! It was huge! I want it for my classroom!

Chagall stole my heart!!


Dying lion in Lucerne.

Group dinner in Lucerne!

Our group with the crazy Turks that were on the mountain with us!!

Rainbow over Lake Lucerne!

Rodin exhibit at the Zurich art museum!

Look at those mountains!!
Liz and I on top of Mt. Pilatus!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea!
Your pictures are GREAT!!
Where was the Museum you visited? Lucerne or Zurich? I want to go there! It's weird that I'm so close to Switzerland but I've never been there!
So, when are you coming here? I can't wait to see you!!!
I really want to see you when you come to Tuscany!
There is a little chance that Jennifer is going to be here when you come (in April)! Anyway, you have to let me know when you come to Florence or Pisa. I will come to you!!