Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alef bet I learned the alef bet! Although I should have learned it a long long time ago, and despite that I "speak" Hebrew...I had never learned the order of the letters. Today, I thought, enough, it's time. And Roi helped me learn the letters in order. It's awesome! Have you ever felt like there is something that you really should know, but you should have learned it when you were so young, that you just never learned it on your own...that's how I felt about the alef bet. Today is a big day! I am very proud of myself =)

Also, for a class, I have to learn gematria which is assigning numeric value to Hebrew letters, and it's very difficult to learn if I don't know the alef bet. I will also have to learn the Hebrew months soon, something else I have never learned!   

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