Saturday, April 30, 2011


For Easter I traveled to Jerusalem, the holiest Christian city. There were pilgrims from all over the world. And people from so many different sects of Christianity, it was really an impressive site. 

This is the precession leading into the Church of the Holy Sepulchral.  

Inside the church there were hundreds of people gathered around the place where Jesus was said to have risen. 

Cardinal? I'm not sure. 

There was lots of singing and beautiful music. 

Catholic traditions/rituals. 

So beautiful and moving. =) 

My Easter outfit! 


Ancient Muse said...
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Ancient Muse said...

Hi Andrea!
He was not a Cardil, but a bishop. You can easily recognize them by the color they wear: red is for cardinals, purple for bishops (that explains why there were many of them, instead of one cardinal). I know, we Christian/Catholic are so complicated :-)

Andrea said...

Thanks! Is a Bishop higher than a Cardinal?

Ancient Muse said...

No, Cardinals are highter than Bishops. They're eligible to become Pope, for example, and it's always the Pope who can elect them.

Tikva said...

Easter!!!! I am jealous, miss Israel :-(