Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eyes and other updates!

My eyes are really a lot better. Not perfect yet, but I can really see. I don't feel like there is a "problem." Sometimes if I am tired things are a little blurry. But the doctor said it was normal, the vision would go up and down for a while until it would finally stabilize.

Also, I received my tickets for working this summer with NFTY! And the dates that I will be in the US. I am starting orientation June 14th, flying to Prague June 19th, (my birthday is June 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Fly back to Europe on June 26th from Warsaw.  We'll be traveling Israel for 4 weeks and we'll return together (the kids and me) on July 25th! I will land in Chicago at 8:45pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

I also have my graduation ceremony at Ben Gurion on June 12th! Since I was out of the country for my undergrad graduation, it will be nice to attend this one.

Not much else is happening. I will start another month of ulpan tomorrow. This is wonderful, I hope I will be more productive again.  I have been lazy, and watching a lot of movies lately. Including the Royal Wedding yesterday! I didn't care about the wedding at all until yesterday, but when I was at the gym it was on the BBC. I walked at the gym for over 2 hours so I could watch it! I was soooo addicted! It was such a fairytale and truly beautiful. Way to go, Kate! 

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