Monday, January 08, 2007


On the bus on the first day of school!! (This is for my mom, who never failed to take a picture on the first day!! I love you.) I hope you notice how dark it still is outside!

When we got to school, after a treacherously dumpy ride, I met the principal and my main teacher, Mrs. Rudd. Her short salt and pepper hair suits her sassy sense of humor. I will be teaching AP US History with her during 6th block. The students do not do lessons in this class. They write, write, and write some more in preperation for their AP tests that will be at the start of May.

I will met Mrs. (Dr.) Magowan, who currently teaches the Model United Nations class. After a few weeks and finals, I will teach psychology with her. I am quite lucky though because I get to go the The Hague with the M.U.N. class for the huge annual conference that holds over 3,000 students for the week. We booked my hotel room today!

Mr. Hollenbeck, who coaches girl's basketball and football, is the most laid back. I will complete my LAMP project under his supervision as well as teach two of his World History classes. They began the Industrial Revoltion today and won't start the next unit until next semester.

All three of my teachers are located in different buildings. The cafeteria is in a fourth building. I do not think I would mind the short distances much, but it has rained everyday I've been here but one as well as today. The forecast calls for rain until Wednesday. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to the walks outside between periods.

There was a lot to take in today and it was hard to stomach everything I will be doing, but I think every start of a semester is a little overwhelming! My shoes were killing my feet and I'm wearing my Crocs tomorrow.

Despite my hurting feet, headache, and blatant exhaustion; I'm looking forward to teaching. It'll be a great challenge and I'm ready to get my feet wet, as long as I'm not wearing heels.

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Jamee Pritchard said...

Good Luck Andrea! Hope you have a wonderful week!