Thursday, January 04, 2007

Frankfurt (Before the army post)

This is Frankfurt's town square (old one).
This is the river that goes through Frankfurt!!! Mom's camera is good at night as long as it is held really still, so I propped it on a railing!!
The city is much older than I had expected!! Dad and I took a walk that night, it was quite lovely.
Now that I'm on base we finally got our ID cards after two days!! We got to finally check our mail, so thank you to everyone who sent me things already!! (Mom, Katie, Rick, and Josh!!) It is much appreciated!! It felt like Christmas all over again!! Gene, our supervisor, calls me "Missing" because I'm always running ahead to see what's going to happen next, or I go off exploring!! Or she calls me "Ondrea" instead of Andrea!!! It's a little annoying, but now it's a tease with our group!!
Tomorrow we're going to Ramstein, the Air Force Base, tomorrow to go to the BX (which is much bigger than the PX on our post!!) I'm excited to see it!! I'm all settled in here and everything looks great, I have to have a huge dresser removed from my room because we have so much furniture! When I get my camera, I'll take a picture!
The first day of school is Monday! I'm really looking forward to it! I'll let you know how my teacher's are. I'm teaching AP US history, sociology, and world history. This is much more than I had expected but it will be a great challenge!!
Love and miss everyone!! Write to me!!
Andrea Wiese
CMR 405 Box 1777
APO, AE 09034

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