Tuesday, January 23, 2007


UN Forum Room

Princess of the Netherlands - Princess Mable

On Sunday, I left with Ms. Magowan to attend The Hague International Model United Nations conference in the Netherlands. We followed the bus that carried the 19 Baumholder students.

Den Hague is truly a global city; there are people from all over the world, Thailand, Iraq, Egypt, and American International schools. The opening assembly was absolutely packed and was in the room where the actual UN members meet. The room holds an incredible aura, one of great purpose. It is hard to explain unless you’ve been in it. The key note speaker was the Princess of the Netherlands and the Mayer of Den Hague. Never in my life did I believe I would be able to see and do what I am doing here. The students have prepared so well and although I’ve only known them for a few weeks I am so proud of them! The student who is ahead of the Finland delegation got to meet the Ambassador of Finland to the Netherlands and our group is invited to the Finnish embassy!!

My hotel is a little place by the North Sea, yes, the North Sea!!! It is run by a little lady and her husband. The first night I was the only guest because they bring in a majority of their profit in the summer season. They really watch out for me and when I got lost yesterday morning on the tram, my teacher called the hotel. The lady was so worried about me! The people here are so sincere!!

We’re going to Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon and I’m going to go see the palace sometime this week!! I am truly blessed.

We went to Worms on Saturday! There is so much Jewish history there dating back to the mid 1000’s. It also has the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe!! Rashi studied there and wrote a lot of what is now in the Talmud. The synagogue was destroyed during the Crusades and the Middle Ages, and burnt completely in 1938 by the Nazis.

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Ray said...

wow. model un in the netherlands.

I went to model UN in st. louis last year. haha.

Jealous. just a bit. miss you.