Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

On Friday, I set the microwave on fire. A real fire, big flames. We had to use the extinguisher. It was quite exciting. We got a new microwave.

I went home Saturday morning. It was a great day. Nelly came home from the hospital, grandpa was so surprised, and Grandma Mettie flipped when she saw me. Daddy and I played cards and my mom and I rode our bikes up town and took a nice walk.

I almost stayed today to go to the beach with them, but I promised a friend I would hangout with him tonight, so I also didn't make plans with my sister, but then he decided he didn't feel like it 15 minutes before hand. I was/am pissed. Then he wanted to hangout Monday, yeah...right.

Plus, I got pulled over on my way back from Chesterton on 69. But I was only given a warning.

Tomorrow I'm suppose to have lunch with Katie and Rick, then it's all homework. =)


Ray said...

eek! I hate getting pulled over!

I got a ticket the day after I moved to Charleston. It was great let me tell you!

miss you!

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that you didnt get a ticket. You were LUCKY love. How did the microwave catch on fire?