Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dang tea!

So today, when my iron was finally high enough to give blood (this is my third day of my finger being pricked!!) I was told that if you drink tea and/or what before, it dilutes your iron. Well, hello!! I drink tea in the morning and drink what when I work out!! No wonder my iron wasn't high enough at 9am in the morning!! Geez oh petes, they really should tell you these things! Good thing I was so determined!! So today I saved three lives, and that's great! I learned a lot too, blood can only be saved for 43 days, but once it's in the hospital it usually only lasts 10-15 before someone needs it. If you take aspirin, they will take your blood, but they don't use the platelets. ABneg - (my blood type) is pretty rare, most negative blood is rare actually. If you're negative, your second child is at greater risk of dying if they are also negative because your body doesn't build immunities like it does for the first child.

Then I got a shirt and animal crackers!! Yum!!

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