Sunday, March 04, 2012

Valley Forge and arriving in Philadelphia

My dad and I left Friday morning to drive to Philadelphia. It was a wonderful trip since I normally live in Israel and we only see each other once a year! It was really a treat to spend some time with him! We stopped in Hershey, PA for the night and then went to Valley Forge in the morning. My dad and I are big history nerds! 
My dad with a statue of General Wayne. 

Memorial Arch at Valley Forge

After Valley Forge, I drove my dad to the airport and headed over to the home where I will be staying for the next few weeks. The family I am staying with is amazing! They have three wonderful children and have provided me with a lovely and warm living space. I am so grateful for their openness and hospitality! 

My temporary home! 

Tomorrow is the first day of school!! EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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