Friday, May 27, 2011

A Pigeon and a Boy

Although I have an extraordinary amount of Hebrew homework to do, I read the last 100 pages of this book today. I don't ever remember crying after I finished a book, but after I flipped the back cover closed, more tears came. I don't know if I was sad at the ending, sad that the story had come to the end, or sad that there wasn't more for me to read.  This is the fourth Israeli author I have read since I have moved to Israel. I really love him. His descriptions are poetic and I dove into everything is wanted to share with me.  He made me laugh, smile, happy, sad, and cry. He made me look at my life and ponder and think if I am living it as fully as I should. Maybe I am exaggerating, and tomorrow I might forget his words or the way he made me feel when I was reading, but I hope that won't be the case.  

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