Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beeba and Andrea go to Jordan and Egypt!

Finally, Beeba and I made it on our trip! We left Israel on Thursday and crossed the border into Jordan. We took a taxi to Petra (later we found out there was a bus from Aqaba, but live and learn.) We had a few stops along the way from our very hospitable driver for tea, an over look, etc. We finally made it to the Shahara Mountain hostel, which was clean, but lacked in water pressure.  We ate dinner ate a restaurant down the road at a great place. I ate a half chicken. It was fabulous! We walked around Wadi Musa and went to bed early in order to rise early for our full day in Petra.

We walked down the huge slope that led into Petra.  We were there before 9 in the morning and paid the outrageous entrance fee, almost 50 dollars.  I'm not sure if you can put a price on something that is priceless, but it's hard to say if it was worth 50 dollars.  Although, we did walk around the park for 10 hours, we had to make sure we got our money's worth.

Petra is quite beautiful. It was built out of single slabs of sand stone.  And it's huge. Usually we just see one picture, but park is very expansive. There is a 2km walk to see the treasury, and it's about another hour and 30 minute walk (plus 750) stairs to see the monastery.

We left the park around 5pm, ate a wonderful lentil soup dinner at the same restaurant and went to buy some jewelery. Beeba bought a few presents for people, and we were on our way back to the hotel.

We must had been really worn out from our day in Petra, because I didn't hear the alarm go off.  We slept until two minutes before our taxi was suppose to arrive.  We were both quite flustered, but we managed and we reached the border a little after 9 in the morning. We took a taxi to the central station in Eilat and then a bus to the Taba boarder crossing. We crossed easily. But then we had to take a taxi to the monastery and they wanted to charge us a crazy amount, so we just waited. I refused to pay more than what the man at the monastery told us it would cost. We sat and waited for more than an hour until finally two wonderful people, Sally and Rupert, who we would become very close with in the next day, arrived.  On the spot, they decided that they would also go to the monastery. So we were on our way...

To be cont... =)

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