Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow in the Midwest!

My dad sent me a really funny email that he wrote about the snow and I want to share it! I hope he won't be mad because my dad is a great writer, but he doesn't always share his talent as much as he should! I love my dad!!


"I am sure you know that I hate being sick.  Just like you, there is too much to do to waste being sick.  My nose is running a marathon.  My chest is rumbling like a freight train through down town Chesterton.   My cough is dry and raspy. I am slathered and lathered up  tonight  with Vick's Vapor Rub!!!! (a romantic smell if there ever was one) My back is like two pieces of sandpaper grinding against each other. My blood pressure is higher than the  John Hancock Building (I refuse to say Willis Tower) .  My right thumb hurts every time I hit the space  key.  Luckily, my pal-inter facetious is ok.  When Paula got home tonight I managed to make a piece of salmon for dinner.  Then I slept from 6:00 to 10:00 tonight  until  Paula was going to bed and I woke up and wanted to write to you.  

We are supposed to get a record snowfall over the next 3 days.  It may be bigger than the 1967 storm when I was a young.  Then, we missed an entire week of school. (NO!!!!!!  I DON'T WANT ANY MORE SNOW DAYS THIS YEAR)   It has started already to snow tonight and is not expected to reach it's peak until tomorrow night (Tuesday) with 60 mile an hour winds and 30 inches of snow. Drifts are expected to be over 8 feet in some places.  We may get 3 inches of snow  per hour  tomorrow night (Tuesday). Isn't that just the most wonderful news you have had in a long time?  The guy at the gas station, when I bought gas for the snow blower, said that he has never seen it so busy (so isn't this good for the economy?) He was griping about selling so much. DUH!!!!!  Gas is going up because of the unrest in Egypt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't get me started on that.

My friend Chris and I had to fix a leak in the pipes  in the garage last Friday. Fortunately it was just a bad gasket in the shut off valve. We also replace two hoses while we were working in the sink.  But, now the  line to my hot water line to my bathroom  is frozen because of this storm.  I had to put the  heater in the garage tonight in hope to hope to thaw it. Oh, whoa is me!!!   What else can go wrong?



The Green Bay Packers  are in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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