Monday, February 14, 2011

Been busy...I guess

The Super Bowl was great, obviously, because the Packers won. =) Also, because Roi came to Haifa to watch the game with me! We had dinner and fruit salad and watched the game in my room. It was fun.

Then I was in Beer Sheva to referee a game.

There was a big fight in the game, it was pretty exciting. I didn't try to break it up, I just watched. Sometimes I think the players forget that they are playing

Anyway, then it was back to Haifa for Ulpan. Really, the Ulpan is going to end too soon and I feel like I'm not close to where I should, need, or want to be in the language...we'll see if I ever get there.

Today is Valentine's Day! I hope everyone had a love filled day! I will see my Valentine on Wednesday for an interview at the embassy so he can come to America in August!! Keep your fingers crossed everything goes well! 

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Unknown said...

Hey dear, I'm glad that I can catch-up on you somehow :)
About the will work it out. As you guys say- "practise makes perfect" and if I speak fluent english today(after years of studying,training and working in the language that forced me to polish it) you'll do just fine :)