Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awesome email from MAPMES

Dear Andrea , 
Congratulations, you are about to become a MAPMES alumni/alumna! Having received all your grades we can now officially process your degree.

For procedural purposes, please send me ASAP an email message requesting to process your degree. Please include your first and last names to appear on your diploma. Your name will appear in the diploma in Hebrew as well, so if you wish that your Hebrew name be written in any specific way, don't forget to specify.
In the same message, please specify your passport number, permanent address, email address and phone numbers.
We will send you an official transcript in about a month. Your Master's diploma will be issued next academic year (June).

Please note: once you degree is processed, grades may not be subject to any changes.
The degree will be processed only after all dues to the university are settled.

My best wishes

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