Monday, October 25, 2010

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Andrea Weiss, a new immigrant from the United States, was on the line pre-season game in IFL: "I grew up on football, fun to try here"

Israeli Football League is preparing to open the 2010/11 season, and already underway with the preparation games.Judean rebels on Saturday won the champion Tel Aviv - Jaffa Sieveers 26:46, but the big story was recorded precisely on the lines, Achslotamoddot assigned judge, Andrea Weiss.

Weiss, 25, immigrated to Israel a year ago and studied at Ben Gurion University, where he held a introduction to the black swarm of Be'er Sheva, a group which joined the league last year. "I met a number of players from the team," she says, "I played with them and I thought even the participation in the game, but I got it because I did not want to get hurt. Then I met Ofri Becker (league leaders - fundraising campaign in Michigan and then rolled jurisdiction."

Weiss grew up in Indiana, not far from Chicago. "I come from a very competitive when love all sports. My parents are fans the Bears and Green Bay, so that we have a lot of rivalry at home. When I got here I was surprised when I heard that there football and told myself 'how much fun I do not have to give it up in Israel," .

It was Weiss's first game zebra uniforms. "I was excited and I was very nervous before the game began, but after I felt it was fun. I got very positive feedback."

- You will have a problem judging the Be'er Sheva?

"Why? Maximum catch more shouting."

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