Sunday, May 09, 2010

Nothing exciting!!!!

So...I was a little sick this weekend, sore throat and pretty dizzy and really tired, I'm not sure what all those symptoms are about, but it made it pretty difficult to study. Despite that, I got some work done.  I turned in my article summary for historiography and I did some Hebrew, although, not as much as I should!

Also, I really started to get going on my paper for International Conflict Resolution.  I am writing about female suicide bomber and how they have impacted Israeli Palestinian relations.  Always uplifting topics when writing a Middle East studies masters...always......

And...Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is lucky enough to have children!! Today is Katie's first Mother's Day and of course my mom's first Mother's Day as a grandma!! It's really a wonderful day to everyone!! I wish I  could be there with them, especially because I bet my dad is grilling!! MMMMMMMM!!!

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