Sunday, May 09, 2010

Michaels Creative Moms!!

This is the correct link to vote for my mom!!

She needs a lot of votes to win! She is doing great so far! So keep voting! You can vote once a day until the contest ends!!

How she is creative:
Growing up a child doesn't always realize that their mother is creative. They just enjoy getting homemade cards, drawings on their lunch bag, custom made Beanie Baby holders, sewn Halloween customs, and love to help creating bunny shaped Easter cakes, crafting Hanukkah menorahs from clay, and constructing Thanksgiving hat place cards out of small plant pots. These are just a few creative things my sister and I got to enjoy as a part of our everyday lives. Now that we are both out of the house, my mom uses her creativity in other ways. She established the "Empty Bowls Project" at her high school where she is an art teacher. The faculty teaches the students in Art Club to make bowls using a potter's wheel, and then all the students make bowls that are going to be sold at the big event. The bowls are sold for $10 each and include a bowl of hot soup that is donated from local church groups. (Panera Bread donates bread and Starbucks donates coffee.) The whole community is involved: students, churches, businesses, and non-for-profits. This year, they even brought in a women's quartet group to sing while people enjoyed their meal. The bowls are there not just to be purchased as beautiful artwork, but also as a reminder that there are many people in the community who do not have food to fill their bowls. This was the third year of the "Empty Bowls Project" and they raised over $1500 for the local food pantry. My mom is an incredible woman who always puts others before her. She puts so much time and effort into this creative and giving project, but does not see a bit of sweat because she is so passionate about the cause. When I was younger she told me that she had to be an art teacher because it was the only profession that she could have fun, be different, and be creative every day. The best part of growing up is realizing how blessed I was to have a mother who truly could make nothing into something beautiful, or a lump of clay into a philanthropic extravaganza.

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