Wednesday, April 28, 2010


 One Plaza in Beer Sheva is having a student day called One 4 Students. Part of the event is a photo contest.   I entered these five pictures in the contest! If you live in Beer Sheva please go to the event and vote for my pictures!!!
This landscape on Ada Canyon in the Negev says Gilad Shalit in the fore ground.  Every Israeli knows who this soldier is.  He was captured in Gaza by Hama in 2006.  

This little boy lives in Hebron and he really liked me. I can tell because he waved at my when I passed. 

 Clearly this is Jack, most beautiful baby ever!

I took this picture in Turkey when we went to Eyup on an Exchange Committee trip.
The lady below is also from Turkey and she was watching our group from her balcony in Mardin.

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Unknown said...

Andrea, beautiful pictures! I want to see more :)