Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New discoveries!

Today I had a meeting about being a teacher next year. It is more realistic now to talk to people about work now that I know I will be here next year. So she was pretty optimistic since I am a native speaker (of English!!) that I would get a position, and since I have a teaching license. She said he would easy too because I will have a masters degree from within Israel. She said I may have to get my BA degree "transfered" which I hadn't heard about before so I am going to do some more research about that too.

I have been working with Lauren from the Hagar School to work on publicity and fundraising! Publicity isn't so bad, but fundraising for the school is hard. Lauren made a "Wish List" of things that the school needs. It's really great because donors can see the actual breakdown of costs per student per activity.

Look at the Wish List, it's in a PDF file. And feel free to donate to this awesome school!

After my meeting this morning, I want to SuperSel..it's a store, a HUGE store. I don't know how I had never been there before, but it's like Sams Club in Israel, but no free samples! But now, if I have to buy in bulk, I know where I have to go. Then the issue is just carrying everything home!!

My papers have been complete for three days now and I am finally catching up on life. I filed my nails, did a few loads of laundry (including my sheets, which were well overdue to be cleaned), baked a banana cake, bought some cleaning supplies at the store so I can wash my floor, bought some underwear. It's been nice to just do things at my leisure instead of being forced to sit behind a computer all day.

Also, after SuperSel, I went to this store called Gong, (weird name) but everything in the store was 29 shekels...that's $7.75...I bought three sweaters and a pair of tights. It's crazy how cheap everything was there. I'm not expecting the best quality for $7.75, but at that price, I know I won't mind leaving anything behind when I have to pack/move. And it was funny because the clothes weren't labeled with sizes. When I asked the lady who worked there, she said, if it's not labeled, it's all one size. Weird. I am also not sure if she meant that everything that wasn't labeled was a size one. Maybe I'll never know. ;-)

The best part of last night/today was that Roi's sister, Rada, had their baby boy!!! Mazel tov!!! I haven't seen him yet, nor have they named him, but soon I hope.

I hope you're having a great Tuesday also!!

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Sevgi said...

Teaching in Israel?!?! So awesome! :)