Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just a thought.

Obviously I have problems with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I wish they had better living conditions, I wish they had their own state, I wish there was no need for a wall, etc.

But I also feel like the entire world criticizes and points fingers at Israel. (Especially the UN.) And not whether this is right or wrong, but isn't world civilization based on taking land and conquering and settling? Is it just that the Israelis left the Palestinians alive that such outrage exists? (or maybe there is a problem because Israel gives them food, water, and electricity too.) The US simply slaughtered all the Native Americans (thanks for making me read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee in 11th grade!) (now they are nicely settled on reservations out of America's way.) There were Vikings and Normans who took over England. Let alone all the Asian (and the rest of the world) conquests that I am too ignorant to even talk about.

The world is guilty for crimes against itself. And of course, always optimistic, I think the world will destroy itself from within anyway. And I'm not saying the status quo is okay, or that we shouldn't learn from history or that we shouldn't ALL hold ourselves to the highest standards. But, hey world, lay off, and concentrate on being better yourself before you go and start pointing so many bloody fingers.

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