Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mail!!! (and other great things!)

Today was awesome!!! I checked my mail and there was mail from my grandma, Katie, Adam, and Jill!!!!!!!!!! I love mail and it's so great to know that people care about me!! (that sounds silly, but it's true!!)

Also, yesterday, I got a quiz back in Hebrew and it was 100%. My teacher was really proud of me. She reminded me of when I came three weeks late to Ulpan and she thought I would never catch up and now I am getting better grades than most of the other students! (I'm pretty sure that this is actually because of Roi, but I will take some credit too, since I am the one taking the quizzes!) We were suppose to have a quiz today, but she pushed it back, which is annoying, because I was ready to take it!

I bought ingredients to make banana bread, I'm going to test out my oven. (the big real one, not the baby toaster oven.) I will let you know how that goes! I also bought a bunt pan so make other cakes. This isn't really a complaint, but it is. Roi's mom buys sweets/desserts from the store, and it really bothers me because, obviously I bake all the time, and it's better than what is from the store. So I find this very annoying. =)

Last night I made challah with Maura, Liad, Loren, Yishi, Mario and a couple of other people I haven't really met yet at a program in Beer Sheva. I would have a picture, but Roi, his roommates, and I already ate all of it with Roi's mom's homemade jam, which is delicious.

My landlord, Hannah, (who is married to Yakov, who fixes everything in my apartment) made me cookies!! Best landlords ever!!!

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Jillian said...

YES! Glad you got it! Mail sure does take a LONG time to get to Israel. Love you!