Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another great day!

It all started with my Hebrew final...I am fairly confident that I did very well! Definitely not perfect, but still I am pleased by how it went. =)

Then I tried to make plain and one with honey and raisins...I ran out of flour and so I used wheat, which was a mistake and then the door literally fell off the oven onto my foot! (Did you understand what I said?? The oven door fell off from the rest of the oven!) I punched the door back into place and then propped it close with a chair. The challahs turned out okay, they will be better next time.

I went to the Overseas Student Program (OSP) going away party! A lot of the kids are here for just one semester and they will leave this week to start their spring semesters in the states! It'll be sad to see them go!! (Check out Facebook for all the pictures from the party!)

Then I tried to make Roi dinner because he has a huge test tomorrow...and I thought I was using tomato paste, but it was tomato concentrate...(which is not the same!) and I ruined the sauce...but Roi saved it! Thank goodness!!! When he is finished with his exams he'll have to teach me how to cook...until then, I will keep baking and he can cook! =)

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Rachel said...

Andrea, if you want, I can teach you how to cook. Leah, Shachar's mother, gave me all sorts of recipes. If you want, we can cook sometime together and you can take down the recipes from me.