Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am excited!

I am excited about my job. I didn't mean for the last post to sound monotone. It is hard not to have mixed feelings. I left the most beautiful country and many many wonderful loving friends who were really my family. Now I am starting again in the US. It is really difficult at times, not just being with my parents, but American culture in general. I am grateful to be with my family, I am also grateful for a washer and dryer and ice cubes. But the US is so so wasteful, not just gas, but electricity and water. Coming from a country that has to shut off the water to conserve resources, to America, where we all have beautiful green lawns, relaxation fountains, and houses are required to have a street lamp, it's a little shocking.

But that's also why I think it is so important for me to teach in the US, at least for now. I want to help students realize that the world isn't like America. There are places that have nothing, and that's okay. They don't want a $100,000 income, 2.5 children, a three car garage, and a country club membership. Because in some parts of the world, family, friends, and G-d are more important than material possessions and societal status.

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