Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ezan ve Istanbul

Ezanı özlüyorum...I miss the call to prayer.

Tomorrow, my birthday, I will have been home for a week. Everyday gets a little easier. My parents are wonderful, this has nothing to do with them, but life here is so different. I don't have any friends in Chesterton, they are scattered around the world. So I went from being with people 24/ no one.

American's lifestyles are different, very consumerist, capitalist, right or is different.

Besides my friends in Turkiye...I miss the sound of the call to prayer. It would go off five times a day. The longest in the morning. I didn't go and pray, I'm not Muslim, but I would always slow down, re-center, re-focus, smile, be grateful, etc. Of course, I can do that without a booming call to prayer, but it's easy to forget.

Turkiye'yi cok seviyorum.

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