Saturday, May 17, 2008

A perfect day.

This morning I went to Sirkeci after getting off the tram in Kadakoy to leisurely walk over Galata Bridge, to pick up pictures I had made for class and they turned out pretty well. I am sure my mom would have a few comments since she is a professional, but I think they're good. (That is saying a lot because I am really critical of photographers too.)

I then met Sevgi and her great sister Beria in Sultanameht to go to the Kapili Carsi, the Grand Bazaar, where I got some things for Troy and a bought some gifts to take (mail) home to America. We proceeded to Besiktas where we met Ozkan and Fatih for lunch and watched the boats go along the Bogaz.

Then Fatih and Ozkan took us to Uskudar to meet up with the other people going to Volkan's Warm Turkish Home. We went to Kucuk Camlica and looked at some great views and then went down many hills to Volkan's home. The home is amazing. He lives near almost all of his family and in the middle of the buildings is a huge, beautiful garden. His grandparents were working on the small field. Almost everything we ate was organic and came from the garden. His mom made my favorite soup too! Everything was delicious.

We ate outside in a beautiful patio. There was fruit for desert and a strawberry jello-type thing and Mado ice cream. Cay/tea of course...Everyone was so happy to be there.

They gave everyone individual gifts. His mom made/knitted the girls socks, little towels, and scarves. Volkan picked out specific books for everyone. It was incredibly thoughtful. His brothers are also just as good looking and polite as Volkan, so that was a plus too.

Volkan's mom is the most incredible woman. She held me really close to her after desert. It made me want my mom so much, I think she could tell I was a little home sick after such a loving experience.

When left his home and went to Buyuk Camlica and saw some spectacular views of the city all lit up. It so breathtaking. I really was going to cry, one, from the beauty, and two, from knowing I will have to leave it behind in just one month.

This day was so so perfect. I will never forget it.

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