Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not in Istanbul

When I got to the Amsterdam airport..I knew I wasn't in Turkey...the few reasons I could really tell are as follow:

1.) TOILETSSSS - everywhere! With toilet paper...it was a beautiful thing!
2.) No one stared at me for being foreign, Dutch people have blue eyes too! (And one cashier started speaking to me in German.)
3.) Crosses (mostly on necklaces. I haven't seen any in Istanbul except on my American friends)
4.) Drinking fountains..........I really miss them!!!!

I will post Rome pictures soon, it was so beautiful and the weather was terrific! Plus, I saw the Pope and all the sites. Being with Elisa, who is Italian is wonderful, we don't get lost and she can ask questions, and she is great company!

I am in Pisa now and saw the leaning tower tonight!!

I am going to Florence tomorrow...with Joy and the Baumholder crew!


Anonymous said...

SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL go back to Florence! And with the Baumholder crew, nonetheless...JEALOUS!!!!!!!

You're going to have such a great time!

Jamee Pritchard said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Did you darken it? The landscape looks beautiful. Have fun!