Monday, March 31, 2008

Rotary, Dolmabache, and Sevgi!

My favorite Rotary Club had a Fireside Chat that I was invited to and it was so so much fun! The president of the club is in black and the other member is Volkan, who's house it was at. They are Turkish dancing! It was hilarious! This is the youngest Rotary Club in the world, their average age is 30! Pretty awesome!

My friends Will and Emiel at Dolmabache Palace...I guess Dutch boys don't smile.

All of our friends were invited to Sevgi's grandma's home for a warm Turkish was soooo wonderful! Maybe even my favorite one yet because they were so so sweet and her aunt gave me a beautiful necklace too! The food was amazing and her little cousins were there! They were adorable!!!!!!

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Yay for updates!!!!!

A little more than two months!!! :-)